Leather Care guide

Types of leathers

Our suites are only made from premium quality, genuine, full-grain leather.

We take outmost care when choosing our hides to ensure that only the most magnificent pieces are chosen for your lounge suite.

Find the colour you love and the type of leather that fits your lifestyle from our wide selection and variety of premium cuts.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected Grain (Pigmented) leather has an applied
surface finish of pigments and sealer coats.


  • Consistent colour
  • Improved light fastness
  • Good defect coverage
  • Easy maintenance

Semi-aniline leather

This type of leather is stylish and more natural looking.


  • Natural grain surface
  • Good look and feel
  • Improved light fastness
  • More practical than full aniline
  • Breathable

Full aniline leather

Full aniline leather is THE most rewarding for leather connoisseurs.
It has a wonderful silky touch and the look has great depth


  • Looks good
  • Good touch
  • Natural grain & markings
  • High comfort, breathable

Semi Nu-buck

Semi nu-buck is buffed Aniline leather with all the natural markings, dyed through, giving a velvety suede touch with an authentic rugged appearance. This leather type will take on natural skin oils from body contact and will have a tendency to go darker, shinier and smoother in these areas – this is a natural occurrence and will enhance the characteristic of the leather with time.


  • Velvet look and touch
  • High comfort
  • Breathable smooth touch

Indigenous range

This unique full aniline leather derived from this magnificent migratory antelope is strong, supple and silky to the touch

Pull-up leather

Only select bovine hides are used for pull-up leather, showing a greater degree of natural markings. This is a natural product with unique characteristics. Thorns, tick -bites and scratches leave their traces on a hide and are natural marks only manufactured by nature.


  • Good touch and feel
  • Fashionable
  • Develops unique distressed look

Care & Clean

A guide on how to keep all types of leathers clean and in immaculate condition.

Leather should be wiped regularly with a dry soft cloth in order to prevent accumulation of dust. Never use detergents to clean leather. Dab spills immediately with a soft dry absorbent cloth.

Condition your leather approximately every 6-12 months using a good quality hide food which contains softening and nourishing agents.

We recommend

Hanitan Complete Leather Care Conditioner, which is suitable for all leather types.

For leather types that absorb liquids/perspiration, we recommend you use Hanitan Leather Protector.
This product should be used before the leather is damaged as it prevents liquids from being absorbed.



Alpine’s Cumulus Leather (Bovine) is a semi-aniline product that is dyed through, slightly corrected and then pigmented. The first pigmentation process is lighter and the final is a darker shadow spray application.

As this leather is finished and conditioned, it is not necessary to apply any cleaners or conditioners – simply dust and wipe with a damp cloth occasionally.


Failure to follow these instructions will render our guarantee null and void.

All semi-aniline leathers are fairly light sensitive and to avoid fading should be kept away from windows and direct sunlit areas.


Leather Uppers is a name given to Alpine suites covered in:
Genuine leather on all body contact areas and imitation/synthetic leather on the non-body contact areas.


All that is needed to care for your leather suite is to dust your suite regularly with a soft damp cloth. Dirt can be removed by wiping down with warm water and soap. DO NOT use solvents or detergents.

Condition the genuine leather areas approximately every 9-12 months, using good quality hide food which contains softening and nourishing agents. This will prevent leather from drying out and cracking over time.
We recommend: Hanitan Complete Leather Care Conditioner, which is suitable for all leather types.

For more information on this product, contact the retailer from where you purchased your lounge suite from.


Dust regularly with a soft damp cloth. Dirt can be removed by washing with warm water and soap. Do not use hide food, solvents, detergents or furniture polish, as this will cause synthetic to harden and crack.