Avalon & Avante Suite

The Avalon & Avante suites are supplied as a 3-seater, 2-seater and single incliner chair.  The Avalon suite is a 5-action, offering 5 incliner chairs.  The Avante suite is a 3-action, offering 3 incliner chairs.


You have the choice of Manual, Lay-Flat, Swivel, Power and Hi-Lift actions with the single incliner chair.


The Avalon & Avante suites have the following upholstery cover choices:

  • Full Leather
  • Fabric





  • 3-seater: 1100 x 2200 x 1120mm
  • 2-seater: 1100 x 1690 x 1120mm
  • Incliner chair: 1100 x 990 x 1120mm

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Classic, Motion